Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvard is a second option for this guy

Jeremy Lin is an undrafted rookie who attends 2010 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, playing for the Dallas Mavericks.
If a basketall player goes undrafted, it means NBA teams passed him for 60 times.
It doesn't say a lot about you when so-called experts pick 60 other basketball players as better than you. (although NBA teams have their shares of mishap when they choose their draft picks, but let's just agree that they are better than most)

So what's so interesting about this guy?

Although he captained his high school basketball team and won state championship, he cannot get any athletic scholarships (scholarship awarded for potential athletes) from top tier universities.
So he then chose to enroll at Harvard University.
(if you wonder, Harvard is that little university known as the best university in the US.)

Anyway, since Harvard doesn't offer athletic scholarship, Lin has to rely on his IQ and he was granted enrollment.

I guess intelligence. doesn't always contradict with athletic ability.

If you still having a hard time believing, watch this interview:

And this is his highlight against the 1st 2010 draft pick , John Wall (yes, against the guy who was drafted first):

(Note: pay attention to the commentators and how Lin guarded John Wall, he caused John Wall some turnovers and short jumper)

If he gets an NBA contract, he could be the first Asian-American player to play in NBA.

What's even better? He might sign his NBA contract with the LAKERS!
I'm going to root for this guy.
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