Thursday, October 18, 2012

Second day of the #FutureGov Summit.

I was attending SAP Public Sector Advisory Council. It was a very interesting forum to specifically discuss about Public Sector development. I think there are a lot of opportunity for all of us to contribute in the sector. I found that there are a lot of similarity between private sector and public sector, even more so in the day and age, where everything is brought closer by technology. I also found that Public Sector is at the same time very complex. Public sector in one countries to another are most of the times are very different, even if not, you still have to deal with sovereignty issue. I was inspired by one of fellow delegate from Denmark who shared that Denmark since 1970 has started the effort to integrate public sector services and they have succeeded. I really hope with the advancement of technology and the growing population of the new digital generation, Public Sector can complete its transformation faster to be more effective, engaging and innovative. I also met some of very interesting people. I met Adaire Fox-Martin who leads SAP Public Sector Services and also some fellow delegates from Australia, Denmark, Germany, US, Singapore, Malaysia and of course, Indonesia. I would love to join similar event in the future and contribute more.

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