Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Thoughts from First Day of FutureGov Summit

Several key points that I would like to raise and I believe are really important lessons are:

- Technology transformation is inevitable in public sector. People, esp. Young Generation are expecting services from the public sector to be at least on par with those services offered commercially

- Public sector must also shift the mindset of how they run their organisation. Public sector is now competing the "air-time" to gain the attention of the public. People will not engage with the public sector if they cannot find the same level of ease of use, interactivity that they find from private sector.

- Public sector must also follow where the crowd are. If people are engaging in the social media, then Public sector need to create a presence there too. Treat it as a part of promoting brand. Yes, people need to know why you exist and what you have achieved to engage and own your cause.

- Public sector and private sector is actually very similar. What works in private sector should also work in public sector and vice versa. Even the same business challenges are applied, such as both sectors are experiencing budget cuts and leadership changes, etc.

- Public sector, especially government, really need to go back to why the organisation exists in the first place and not worry about the politics part of how public sector traditionally accustomed too. I can see this as being probably the ultimate obstacles to reach the optimal performance in public sector. Way too much energies are being spent on this, compare to focused efforts on really try to make the betterment of the cause, whatever it is.

- Public sector is developed because we have an idea of how things should be, or how our world should be, or what kind of service we should provide to our stakeholders (which is sometimes even touched the greater sense of purpose). I think a lot of great talents are actually care about this thing, but if the politics side of it are creating too loud of a noise, then most of us won't bother.

Hopefully, we can all together work continuously on this and I hope we can start to make real positive changes.
And I'll start with myself.

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